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  • PRANAMA KALLIO 28 Kolmas linja Helsinki, 00530 Finland (map)


Formulas for a Functional Self

A 30 Hour Teacher Training Intensive

KATONAH YOGA® accredited education

No matter who you are, you fit yourself well. Your knees can fit your armpits, your feet behind your head, your heels into your palms. Of course in time, all things that are organic deform, and we feel less fitting than we might like. Yoga practice gives you an opportunity to measure up, re-organize your forms and find the awe that you were designed to fit into yourself and the world with effortless effort. In the first part of our workshop, we will fold and unfold our own forms, using the metaphor of asana as origami to find ever more increasingly complex practices. Next, we will focus on how we can well fit each other, using props, adjustments, language, and leverage to go higher and deeper in asana practice. First you fit you without compromise, then you can choose wHo you would like to fit and use it for your mutual advantage!

This training is offered to teachers and dedicated practitioners, and offers an embodied approach to learning Katonah Yoga. Katonah Yoga articulates a philosophy of the body that is both formal and informative. Alignment focused, theory forward, this training will give students new insights into yoga to become well adjusted and well informed. Perfect for those seeking certification in Katonah, Dages will craft the syllabus based on the specific needs of the group. Upon registration, please email her your questions directly.

We will cover:

  • Katonah Yoga theory and practice: asana, pranayama, meditation

  • Maps and Materials: Katonah Yoga’s charts and glyphs, including the Magic Square and subtle body techniques (Wraps for Rapture)

  • Principles of alignment and adjustment

  • Body readings/diagnostics

  • Hands-on Adjustments, modifications for injuries, elders / sensitive students

  • Language and metaphors: how to articulate Katonah Yoga theory to students

  • Working with props: straps, blocks, chairs, poles, sandbags and their substitutes
    Restorative and longevity practices

    KATONAH YOGA® was founded by Nevine Michaan, and is a Hatha yoga practice refined over forty years, blended with Taoist theory, sacred geometries, pranayama, and meditation. For more information, please visit


This program include 30 hours bankable towards *KATONAH YOGA® certification and a manual.

*To become a certified KATONAH YOGA® teacher, one must complete 200 hours of Katonah Yoga education with certified Katonah Yoga instructors, after completing a prerequisite 200 hour RYT (Yoga Alliance) training. All intensives, workshops and classes with us count toward the 200 Hour Katonah Yoga education requirement. For more information on this and to begin the process of becoming certified visit Katonah Yoga

Training Investment:

Price references: 850 Euro
(early bird 750 Euro, valid until 26.5.2019)
*Includes manual and other training materials.

Later Event: August 29