Yogic Hair Dryer

Sometimes you feel like a damp dishtowel. When you need to kick yourself in to gear and throw the monkey off your back, give this cat/cow on catnip a whirl!

How to:
Get into a table top position with your knees under your hips and your hands under your shoulders so that you make four ninety degree angles. Lift the wrists and palms off of the floor, so that you are balancing on your finger tips. The bottom of the palm is like the brake pedal, the basement, the heaviest part of the hand. Put a high heel on it by elevating on to the fingertips- feel what it's like to play perky, punchy, provocative and a bit precarious. Inhale as you round your spine and exhale as you arch. Start slow and accelerate to speed that lets you feel a bit flushed… from the safety of the mat you can try driving at a faster speed! Repeat one hundred rounds, or if you like, more!