Ventilate and Stimulate!

How to: Wrap your right arm under your left and grab onto your left wrist. Shape your left hand into a fist to make it nice and punchy. Lift the arms to make a ninety degree angle and find the fit of your shoulder into your neck like a ball in a mitt. Make it nice and tight. Take the arms all the way to the right and pump the breathe out in kapalabhati 25 times. Then take your arms over to the left and repeat. Then forward away from your torso and pump 25 breaths. Finally, lift your arms so that your elbow punches up toward the ceiling and your fist toward the wall behind you for 25 breaths. Switch arms a repeat.


Why: This eagle wrap is a kind of "mudra" for your thyroid, a magical butterfly shaped gland that participates in regulating mood, metabolism, menstruation, muscle and more. You'll want to nestle in there and cultivate a loving relationship!