Open the Windows

How to: raise your arms to 60 degrees with the palms facing up like cups. Connect the thumb to the ring fingers with the lightest possible contact. Also touch the tip of the tongue to the top of the palate. Eyes can be closed. Begin by pumping the breath out through the nose, pulling the navel back toward the spine with every exhalation. This breath is also known as the “skull-shining” breath and the focus is on the exhalation. Imagine that you open windows on all three levels of your house. Tip your pubis forward to crack open the ground floor windows of your basement (pelvis, legs, feet), keep your upper arms in line with you ears to open windows in your living quarters (torso, arms, hands), send an antenna up through the baby soft spot of your head to open up your skylights. This way you circulate a cross breeze through your whole house rather than trying to force anything out. 100 rounds should do it. Set up conditions and catch your breath. Clear out old stagnant stuff, oxygenate your blood and energize yourself!