Genie in a Bottle

In "Putting Her in Her Place: Women, Dirt and Desire," Ann Carson writes that in ancient Greek, the same word was used for a woman's head covering and a sentry station atop the city walls. When you want to pop up into dimensions more expansive than patriarchy and nationalism, try this!

How To:
Elevate your arms over your head, squeezing your upper arms to your ears. Cross your wrists and place one palm flat against the other, so that they have "face to face" contact, like a kiss of the palms. Twist to the left and inhale, twist to the right and exhale. Continue 100x.

The faster you whip, the more warp speed you experience, and a kind of pratyahara, or sense withdrawal occurs. Surrender your hearing to your breathing and whip it up for an ecstatic elevation that lets you see all the way around your circumstances!