Cross Legged Cat Cow with Breath

Now is absolutely the time to embrace difficulty, show up for conflict, work with limitation, and embrace the edges of our humanity, starting with ourselves.

How to: get into a table top position and then thread one leg on top of the other. It will give you a narrow base and the obstacle of getting around yourself. Try some cats and cows to start, connecting your hearing to your breathing, and then stir, using your imagination to put a clock face in your pelvis and travel from 12 at the pubis to 3 at the right hip to 6 at the anus to 9 at the left hip. Inhale on the left and exhale on the right. Stir clockwise and then counterclockwise. Knowledge is power. Know where you go and where you don't go. Use techniques to show up for the magnificent spine that always always has your back and the root support that allows you to ambulate, hold ground, and adventure outward. After a few minutes switch to the other side and then inhale on the right and exhale on the left. You can pop up onto the balls of your feet and walk your hands around yourself for a vinyasa transition. extra credit with flipped wrists! more folds = more heat!