"3 Threads" Katonah Yoga Nevine Michaan Phillip Askew

Beyond the polarity of 2 is the weave of 3. By triangulating, one moderates extremes with the third principle. The 3rd Foot is the mediation of Home & the World. The 3rd Hand is the mediation of your Business and your Feelings. And the 3rd Eye is the big overview Vision that can see the whole picture. This video is a preview for the upcoming “A Hemisphere of Vision” & “Gomukasana Cross-Referenced” from The Katonah Yoga Practice Video: “A Folding, a Flipping, a Fluency Practice" with Nevine Michaan featuring Danielle Rosati, Lianna Venturella, Ari Halbert, Ivy Kaminer, Lya Mojica, Abbie Galvin & Gil Walker. Video by Phillip Askew. Special thanks to Steven Michaan, Sajda Abdul-Rahim, Josh Jaeger, Ivy Kaminer, Danielle Rosati, Jessie Haims, Esther Yoon, Miles Borrero, Ted Sun, Alberto Mojica, Bill Gluck, Alexis Savino, Eli Gottlieb & Peter Kunhardt on production. Katonah Yoga Center is located at 39 Main St, Bedford Hills, NY 10507. Check out katonahyoga.com for more information. Music: "Avril 14th" by Aphex Twin