Katonah Yoga

Monday 12/4: 4pm

At The Studio. A seasonal practice for the dark time: asana, pranayama, and theory. Filling in for Elena Brower.

At The Studio.  In the most exhilarating moments of life, your breath is there. In the deepest grief, there too you will find the omnipresent melody of materiality, your precious breath. Vacillating between practices that stimulate and soothe, pranayama allows you to come home, to be alone with yourself. 

In this month's focus, we will explore Katonah pranayama techniques. The workshop format will allow us to both practice in order to have an experience, break down pedagogy, and play with practices we rarely get to teach in public classes. We will work with the standard tools and then learn alternative cartographies with infinity loops, prismatic squares, scaling valoma, and more.

The Material

Tuesdays in January: 2:30-4pm