The political is personal. The personal is practical. The practical is related to embodied daily life. The practical is reflected in how you carry out your life and acts. Many of us go about our lives in a disembodied/dissociative way, feeling that our bodies are somehow split from our minds. We exist at different locations on a spectrum of dissociated/disembodied to embodied/integrated.

Our bodies are not abstract, they are not delusional, they are the home of reality. All of our lives happen right here, there is nowhere else to live from. Our bodies and minds have never been split, although we have felt them to be. We are not institutions, we are not museums, we are not abstractions, we are not sites of occupation or projects of improvement. Our mind/bodies are symphonies of polyglot, polyrhythmic conversations.

About Dages

Raised in Jackson Hole, WY, Dages attended Bard College, where she received a BA in Dance.  Undertaking formal yoga studies in 2002, she earned accreditations in both the Bihar and Kundalini lineages.  These models of interiority led her to a study of her own lineage of Judaism, and yielded time spent absorbed in Jewish study and extended stays in Jerusalem’s Ultra-Orthodox seminaries. 

Dages enrolled in graduate school in 2010 to study feminist, queer, and psychoanalytic theories. She attained her M.A. in interdisciplinary gender and performance studies from NYU.  

 Her syncretic teaching style has been profoundly affected and enriched by immersion in studies with her mentor Nevine Michaan, founder of Katonah Yoga. Today, Dages is recognized as a senior teacher within the Katonah Community, distinguished for her insight, her ability to push through the boundaries created by patriarchal thinking, and her empowerment of students with precision, empathy and strength.   She is on the staff at both The Studio and SKY TING in Manhattan. Recent collaborations include a series of workshops with Elena Brower, and retreats and teacher trainings with Abbie Galvin, Sacred Fig founder Anton Brandt, and Sky Ting co-founder Chloe Kernaghan in Bali, Dominican Republic, Greece, Switzerland, and Morocco. Her accomplishments were recently acknowledged in a featured edition of Yoga Sleuth.

Katonah Yoga®

KATONAH YOGA® was founded by Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga Center over 40 years ago. Influenced by the study of Hatha yoga, Chinese theory, and geometry, she created, developed, and continues to refine this unique practice. Both esoteric and pragmatic, the Katonah theory and its practice promotes self-awareness through techniques that foster well-being, which facilitates personal transformation.